Accordion Club Review

Entertainment Review

by Don Turner

June 23, 2014

Pre Meeting Entertainment

We had two very different groups play for our June meeting, but yet there were many similarities between them. Besides being entertaining and having the audience love both bands and dancing to them, they both played a wide variety of music and were quite animated. They each played to their strengths in trying to please the crowd. The night began with MAC member Bill Anderson and his group named ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’. This was the first time many of us had heard the band and they were so well received that they were asked to play a little longer than most of our pre-meeting performers play. This is a large band that consists of accordions, banjos, guitars, drums and stumpfiddle. With that instrumentation, you’d expect to hear only old-timey music. But these musicians seemingly can play all types of music and included more than a few rock and blues songs. No one instrument dominates their sound, which is particularly nice. Add to all this several singers who sing lead and have great vocal harmonies, and its hard to not enjoy this group. They have an enchanting polka sound and played many of everyone’s polka favorites, including a version of ‘In Heaven There is No Beer’ sung in German/English/Spanish/French. A waltz medley of ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘Blue Skirt’ saw the band using two accordion players. But thevariety of music they performed was the real treat. Oldies such as ‘Sleepwalk’, ‘Tequila’, and ‘Hey Baby’ added welcome rock songs to their set. A favorite of mine played was ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ by Les Paul/Mary Ford, which included some mean banjo picking. Other favoriteswere excellent versions of ‘Bring it Back Home’ by Sam Cooke and ‘I’m So Lonesome Everyday’ by the Everly Brothers. Both of these showed fine vocal harmonies. They ended their set playing ‘Saints Go Marching In’, while the crowd sang along.

From page 5 The Milwaukee Accordion Club’s “The Accordion Express”

Bill Anderson’s A Little Bit Of Heaven filled the pre meeting slot. They consisted of Bill on accordion, PaulBreest on drums, Hank Clay on guitar and harmonica. Gary Musto on banjo, Barb Rambadt on banjo, accordionand harmonica,Don Rambadt on stumpf fiddle, Sue Rechcygl on vocals and Dick Smith on lead guitar.

From page 11 The Milwaukee Accordion Club’s “The Accordion Express”

Donald Rambadt 2014