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а“A Little Bit of Heaven” is a musical group that entertains for private parties, banquets and for a variety of senior settings around the Lake Country area of Waukesha County, just west of Milwaukee.а The group performs a mixture of polkas, waltzes, 2-steps, novelty songs, old favorites and gospel music. а

The band became organized when a few musicians gathered in a church in Hartland, WI about 20 years ago to provide music for special services.а Today its musicians play accordion, banjo, guitar, a stumpfiddle and drums, including several singers.а The name “A Little Bit of Heaven” refers to the gospel music the band performs, and the goal that every performance be a pleasant experience for its audience.

A Little Bit of Heaven is made up of people with diverse occupations ranging from a professional watercolor artist, to college professor, to advertising, and military experience.а Band members appreciate the opportunities to sing and play music for audiences around southeast Wisconsin, performing about 40 to 50 times each year.а As past members of the our military we play music of the various services. а

а“A Little Bit of Heaven” is In the Wisconsin Polka Music’s online guide to Wisconsin’s Polka Music Scene (Click their logo to access their homepage) :

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Barb playing the “Uke”

ай Donald Rambadt 2014